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Welcome to CROSSWORDS exercises!

NonstopEnglish.com is a free database of exercises for students of English as a foreign language. Practise your English to pass TOEFL, Cambridge First Certificate, Cambridge Advanced English and other internationally accepted examinations. Try some of the exercises and you will see how useful and funny they are and how quickly you can improve your English to achive your goals and pass exams.

Instructions Level   quiz    
Adjectives - Fill in the opposites and you will receive 3 adjectives Beginner's English grammar: adjectives Crossword  
Find the widely used French word. Proficiency general vocabulary: foreign words Crossword  
Fill in the right financial term into the empty spaces. (basics) Lower intermediate business vocabulary: accounting and finance Crossword  
Choose the right words related to age. Elementary English general vocabulary: numbers Crossword  
Fill in the crossword to fill in the sentences related to concerts and theatres. Pre-intermediate general vocabulary: art and entertainment Crossword  
Instructions Level   quiz    
Write animals' young. Lower intermediate general vocabulary: the animal world Crossword  
Fill in the opposites. Elementary English general vocabulary: adjectives Crossword  
Fruit and vegetables. Elementary English general vocabulary: the plant world Crossword  
Find the right word. Elementary English general vocabulary: towns and around Crossword  
Match the right expressions with their definitions. If you do it well you receive a new phrase. Lower intermediate general vocabulary: adjectives Crossword  
Instructions Level   quiz    
Choose the best word to complete the sentences (town). Pre-intermediate general vocabulary: towns and around Crossword  
Fill in the animal described. Lower intermediate general vocabulary: the animal world Crossword  
Fill in the suitable word. You always need to use a prefix. (under-, over-, super-, etc) Upper intermediate unspecified type: Crossword  
Write down the numbers in English. Use small letters. NOT CAPITAL ONES! Beginner's English general vocabulary: numbers Crossword  
Fill in the sentences and you will receive the name of a disorder. Use prefixes. Upper intermediate general vocabulary: undefined Crossword  
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Test your English vocabulary and grammar with free interactive exercises on-line and off-line. The English testing resources are grouped according to difficulty. You can test your English vocabulary and grammar not only on-line but you can subscribe to email exercises, tests and quizes. You can learn English online free with on-line grammar tests and vocabulary quizes. This unique on-line test database helps you to have fun on-line and enjoy building your English vocabulary. Carefully written vocabulary games, quizes will surely help you to improve vocabulary on the internet. This online course has been used by many English language learners to test and build their vocabulary and improve grammar.